Abhishiktha Godthi

Graduate student (2019.01 - 2019.07)
Currently Graduate student, Prahlad lab

I am a graduate student in iBio program at the University of Iowa doing graduate research in fungal pathogenesis and gene regulatory evolution.

Currently I am working on creating gene knockouts of pho2 and pho4 in L. waltii species using various molecular cloning techniques to understand phosphate starvation response among commonly evolved fungal species. My research interests also involve trying to understand the pathogenesis of fungal species, namely, how these species who live as a commensal in the gut turn pathogenic in immunocompromised patients. By dissecting the genes involved in pathogenesis and stress, we might be able to address the questions involved in pathogenesis and its evolution in fungal species.

I am from Vizag, a beautiful coastal city in south India. I love reading and I am sci-fi nerd (Carl Sagan!!). Also I am the biggest potterhead and a proud Gryffindor.