Everytime I read a paper or listen to a talk that includes a plethora of gels, and each time I see other people play with the HPLC and columns, I thought I would never do those things -- I'm an evolutionary geneticist after all, or so I believed, until... now we are officially purifying protein from E. coli. I know it's trivial for many people, but I'm really proud of what we achieved. Kudos to the heros, Tom Cassier and Kyle Malcolm.

Warm welcome to the newest members of the lab: Abhishiktha Godthi is an iBio 1st graduate student and Diandian Tang is a junior UI undergrad. Check out their profiles in the Team/Join page. We are sad to say goodbye to Joe Wisniewski, who has been one of the earliest members of the lab and has helped the lab in many ways, including being the safety and MSDS tzar and working on the Pho4 target validation project. Good luck Joe, you will be an awesome doctor!

This is probably the peak size of the GRE lab, as we luckily have two rotation students joining us in addition to our summer crew. From left to right: Weilong (Jesse) Liu (undergrad assistant), Abhi Godthi (iBio rotation student), Jinye Liang (iBio graduate student), Lindsey Snyder (Genetics rotation student), Jia Zhao (sophomore), Carl Skoog (junior), Bin He, Zoheb Khan (senior), Joe Wisniewski (senior), Kyle Malcolm (senior). Thanks again to our awesome photographer, Steve Kehoe at the admin office of Biology Department!

These are the awesome students who were brave enough to join a new PI's lab. From left to right: Ian Wallace(rising sophomore from U of Minn), Jinye Liang (1st year iBio graduate student), Kyle Malcolm (rising senior of UI), Jia Zhao (rising sophomore of UI), Bin He (yup, that dude), Carl Skoog (rising junior of UI), Zoheb Khan (rising senior of UI). Joe Wisniewski, who is also a rising senior of UI, couldn't join us because he is back home in Illinois. Lastly, big thanks to our awesome photographer, Steve Kehoe at the admin office of Biology Department!

Carl (right) and Kyle (middle) from Team 1 presented their latest understanding about transcription factor cooperativity at the Summer Undergraduate Research Conference. We had a lot of fun explaining our ideas to the audience, which include both fellow undergrad researchers as well as cool faculties from our own department!

I'm excited to have 6 talented undergrad students and a high school intern to join me for the first summer of research. Gabi Mumm, Joe Wisniewski, Kyle Malcolm, Carl Skoog and Zoheb Khan are from U of Iowa and Ian Wallace is from U of Minnesota. Noah Bullwinkle is from the Iowa City's City High. We are going to form two teams: Team 1 is the TF protein evolution task force, while Team 2 will investigate the target genes of the TF (C. glabrata Pho4). Stay tuned for our first batch of results!

16 Jan 2018

Today is first day on the job. Excited to join a great group of faculty, students, staff!