Ananya Albrecht-Buehler

High school intern (2020.05 - 2021.05)
Currently undergraduate student at the Oxford University in UK

I am a senior in high school at City High, Iowa City. I have been an intern and a member of Dr. He’s lab since May 2020. Since I began my internship, I have worked with Dr. He and Amanda Caraballo on two research projects, the second of which is still ongoing. Previously, I analyzed the gene expression patterns of S. cerevisiae and C. glabrata during different phosphate starvation environments. My current project is investigating the phylogeny of the SOD proteins of C. albicans. I have used RStudio and other data analysis programs for my projects. I look forward to learning more through Dr. He and his lab about what it means to be a scientific researcher. I appreciate Dr. He’s patience with me and my naivety as I learn laboratory and computer analysis techniques. I am hoping someday to train in behavioral psychology and study animal behavior. I am a passionate pianist, teach ice skating, and am an amateur but avid wildlife photographer.