2024 Lab end-of-semester dinner

17 Apr 2024

We gathered at the Texas Roadhouse for a nice dinner. It was both to celebrate the end of the semester, and, with bitter-sweetness, see off several members, who are leaving the lab for their next steps. Our first minted Ph.D., Lindsey Snyder, will be moving to Cambridge, MA and hopefully will be joining an exciting biotech venture soon! Cole is going to graduate and join the Pathogbiology graduate program at UIUC as a MS student this fall. Anthony is going to start as a postdoctoral researcher in the USDA National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research in Illinois, with a career path to become a group leader at the institution. Lastly, Jinye and Hanxi are going to defense this summer. Hanxi will be joining the Chemical and Systems Biology graduate program at Stanford, and will be away during the summer. So, this is also a fareware party for them. Good luck all the GREā€™ers! Proud of all of you and keep in touch!

Left, from the front: Bin, Jinye, Anthony, Hanxi; Right, from front: Conrad, Cole, Lindsey, Emily, Baylee