Jinye Liang

Graduate student (2018.08 - )

I am a graduate student in iBio program at the University of Iowa doing graduate research in microbiology and bioinformatics.

Currently I am investigating downstream targets of Pho4, and its relationship with oxidative stress response in Candida glabrata. In nearly all yeast species, Pho4 was found to be a key regulator of phosphate stress with Pho2. While in Candida glabrata, the downstream targets of Pho4 was observed to to have significant expansion even without Pho2. The expanded targets including genes function in oxidative stress reponse, while the relationship between Pho4 and oxidative stress responses largely remains unknown. Our group hopes to apply microbiological and bioinformatical tools available at the University of Iowa to resolve the mechanisms behind the regulatory function of Pho4. We hope to figure out the cross-talk between phosphate regulator Pho4 and other stress responses, which may be beneficial to understand the pathology of fungal infections and colonization in human beings.

In my free time I enjoy walking, table-tennis, piano playing and reading. I was in Tongji University for years where I developed a love for walking outdoors.