2021 Get-together and goodbye party

21 May 2021

After a busy semester is finally over, we decided to have a small get-together at Bread Garden, both to celebrate the end of the semester and the isolation imposed by the pandemic, and also to send off some of our lab members with a mixture of pride and sadness: Jia has graduated with honor and distinction from the university and will start her graduate school in MIT Biology this fall. Also graduating from the college are Emily and Diandian. Emily will stay in the lab as a research assistant (Yah!) and Diandian will also continue to work in the lab in the summer. In the meantime, our wonderful high school interns, Ananya and Peter, have both graduated from their high schools and will go off to their dream schools this fall -- Oxford in UK for Ananya and UCSD in California for Peter. We will surely miss all of you, best wishes and good luck!

In the picture (left to right): Ananya, Peter, Bin, Vivek, Lindsey, Emily, Jinye, Diandian, Jia (Erin missed the gathering).