2022 first lab pre-print!

15 Feb 2022

GRE lab’s first preprint is online! Read it here or a synopsis in this twitter thread. This work started as a student project for the 2019 Bioinformatics course I co-taught with Dr. Jan Fassler (who is co-corresponding author on this manuscript). In this course we ask the students to apply the tools they learned to conduct new research on a protein family from a species whose genome was recently released. In the 2019 course, the theme genome is that of C. auris. Two of the star students in that class, Rachel Smoak from the Civil and Environmental Engineering program and Lindsey Snyder from our lab bravely delved into the unknown world of fungal adhesins. Their discoveries were exciting enough that we decided to spend another year and half to develop it further. And this is our product! Thanks to this fortuitous encounter with fungal adhesins, we are now actively looking into connections between stress in the host and cell wall alterations in both C. auris and our favorite species C. glabrata.