Bin He

Principal Investigator (2018.01 - )

I am an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at the University of Iowa. I grew up in the city of Shanghai, China. After graduating from high school, I ventured to the capital Beijing for college. I graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Peking University. After college, I applied and got accepted into gradute program in the Ecology and Evolution Department at The University of Chicago, where I worked with Martin Kreitman on population genetics of gene regulatory sequences in Drosophila.

Having done both genotype-fitness and genotype-phenotype mapping, I feel unsatisfied as in both cases the underlying biology remains unknown. To gain a functional understanding of the effects of regulatory variation, I joined the lab of Erin O’Shea at the Center for Systems Biology in Harvard University, where I studied the evolution of stress response regulation in a commensal yeast.

Outside of science, I enjoy baking, jogging and swimming.

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