Joe Wisniewski

Undergraduate researcher

I am a student at the University of Iowa, majoring in Biology on a Pre-Podiatry track. I grew up in the city of Chicago, Illinois. After college, I plan on attending podiatry school and helping people improve their quality of life through their feet and ankles! Working in a lab is a new and exciting experience and I looking forward to the knowledge I will gain from this. I look forward to learning more about how environmental stress can cause drastic phenotypic changes in organisms.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy exercising, trying new foods and reading.

I am super excited and lucky to join Bin He’s lab on May 31st. Bin He is a very outstanding, kind and patient mentor, and he helps me a lot to learn how to do biology research. My summer project is to validate transcription factor CgPho4 targets, which is also my first project.