2020 Fellowships and Awards!

20 Jul 2020

The past four months have been surreal, with labs closed and classes moved online. However, even amidst this pandemic, we do have some exciting achievements to celebrate. Let's put them in order! First, our undergraduate researcher Jia won both the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Kenneth J. and Sharon L. (Reisch) Erickson Scholarship and (!) the Biology Department Clifford W. Hesseltine Award for Academic Excellence. Next, both Erin and Jia again, were awarded the 2020 Summer Fellowship by the Iowa Center for Undergraduate Research, for which they are deeply buried in a computational project (which was not our original plan, but it is working really well!). Amanda put in a strong application for the 2020 academic year research fellowship by the same center, whose result will be announced later. Erin also won the Latham Science Engagement Fellowship, for which she will engage in science communication through a course and an independent project. We need more science communicators like you, Erin! Now to the graduate students side: Jinye was awarded the Biology Department summer graduate research fellowship. Meanwhile, Lindsey put in a really strong application for her renewal of the T32 grant. Although it was not selected in the end, I'm really proud of her work and I'm sure she is going to do great in the coming years! Oh, what a lab!